Carlos H. Oliveira

Tech Lead / Senior Engineer

About me

A small introduction about my self

Carlos H. Oliveira

Management Information System & Lead Software Engineer

I am an ambitious professional who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake, or situation that I'm presented with. With an MBA in Software Management and Information System, also hold a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, and have more than 10 years of experience in Information Technology and Systems development.

Software Engineering and Analysis:
Experience as a Systems Analyst focused on requirements, documentation, software design and modeling UML and BPM. Web development environment using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJs, Angular, Ajax, GraphQL, Serverless, Lambda functions, step functions, SQS, SNS, NodeJs, PHP, Database MongoDB, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, MySql, MSSQL and Oracle.

Cloud Solutions:
Experience with AWS cloud solutions with servcies as EC2, Lambda functions, Step functions, Elastic Beanstalk, Cloud Formation, CloudWatch, RDS, DynamoDB, S3, VPC, CloudFront, Route 53, API Gateway, CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, X-Ray, IAM, Cognito, Elastic Container Registry, Elastic Container Service, Elastic Kubernetes Service

ICT Infrastructure and System Administration:
Experience as an Analyst of Support with implementation and management of database Microsoft SQL Server 2008, management of Network Linux-Unix and Windows 2008 Server with technologies and services: Active Directory, Domain Controllers, LDAP Servers, DHCP, DNS, VPN, Proxy, Firewall, Web Services, Email, Routing, VSAT, VoIP and others.

ICT Standards, management and coordination:
Currently I hold a ITIL® V3 Foundation Professional Certification by EXIN and I am preparing to reach the level of ITIL® Expert credential over the next months. I have solid experience as a Manager of Information Systems and Coordinator of Developer teams.

International Experience:
Past five (5) years working in Australia private sector from small start-ups and digital agencies up to large financial coorporations as Tech Lead Software Engineer. Background experience in six (6) years working in different ministries in East Timor within United Nations agencies (including UNDP and ILO), working as ICT Specialist – Web developer and Management Information System (MIS) respectively.
Short-term consultancies in Australia for Digital companies in web software development and CEO techniques and tools.
More than 4 years of experience in Brazils’ government working in the largest bank in the country and also in the public university of Goias – Brazil, appointed to the national Hospital school, working as a System Analyst.

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Technical Skills

I can say i’m quite good at

JavaScript ES5/6

Node.js / Express

React Js

React Native

Angular Js




PHP 7+

Synfony Framework

Laravel Framework

Zend Framework






Oracle DB

MSSQL Server





Work Experience

Full time jobs and projects

Jan, 2019

National Australia Bank, Melbourne - Australia

Tech Lead / Senior Software Engineer

Engineer Lead focused on frontend, building, integrating and supporting crucial systems across the organisation.

As a Senior Frontend Engineer Lead, I've been performing the following roles:
- Build robust, secure, web applications and components.
- Lead technical direction & strategy for our front-end codebase.
- Liaising with Business Analysts, Product Owners and Managers to setup up and manage expectations of software delivery and releases.
- Collaboration with DevOps culture, delivering tested code and supporting our features in production.
- Working closely with Solution Designers, UX Designers and Quality Engineers within an Agile delivery environment.
- Effective time management and communication skills.

Technical tools and skills:
- Experience in the following programming languages and frameworks - Typescript, JavaScript, ReactJS, Angular and NodeJS.
- Experience and strong understanding of foundational web development (HTML/CSS) including accessibility concerns.
-Experience with RESTful API design and GraphQL.
-Experience with frontend unit, end-to-end and integration tests, using test runners (e.g. Jest, Enzyme, React testing library, Cypress, Protractor and others).
- Experience with continuous integration/delivery. Tooling such as Git/GitHub, Jenkins, Gradle/Maven, NPM/Yarn, Docker, Kubernetes and SonarQube.
- Experience with AWS, GCP and Azure
- Always interested in exploring new technologies, practices and approaches.

Jun, 2018
Feb, 2019

Dreamwalk, Melbourne - Australia

Senior Software Engineer

Working as senior full stack developer focused on frontend and mobile development, building and maintaining backend APIs using NodeJs with framework Express, MongoDb and Postegres, frontend Apps with React and mobile development with React Native.

Full stack Development:
− Lead Web Developer APIs in NodeJs and Express.
− Frontend development using ReactJs.
− Mobile development using React Native.
− Development of APIs integrating Website and Web Systems.
− Implementation and support of Heroku and AWS Architecture using Elastic beanstalk, EC2, S3, RDS and SQS.
− Implementation of Continuous Integration using Codeship.

Aug, 2017
Jun, 2018

Arkade Loyalty Agency, Melbourne - Australia

Senior Full Stack Developer

Working as senior full stack developer building and maintaining backend APIs using PHP 7.1+ with framework Laravel 5+ and Frontend Apps with React and React Native.
At Arkade we build middleware solutions to clients integrating e-commerce platforms such as Shopify with their point of sales, warehouse solutions and also loyalty system.

Full stack Development:
− Lead Web Developer to build midleware APIs in PHP and Laravel.
− Frontend development using ReactJs.
− Frontend development using Shopify liquid template.
− Mobile development using React Native.
− Development of APIs integrating Website and Web Systems.
− Implementation and support of AWS Architecture using Elastic beanstalk, EC2, S3, RDS and SQS.
− Implementation of Continuous Integration using Codeship.

Jun, 2016
Aug, 2017

ELMO Talent Management Software, Melbourne/Sydney - Australia

Senior Full Stack Developer

Senior Full stack developer using PHP, Symfony2 and AngularJs. Reporting directly to the CTO with responsibilities of maintain and improve quality standard of code for existing and/or new modules on the integrated Talent Management System.

This solution, provide innovative HR cloud technology to more than 2 million users across the Asia Pacific region. The software is designed to automate and streamline all HR processes:
- HR Core
- Recruitment
- Onboarding
- Learning Management
- Performance Management
- Succession
- Course Library (330+ Compliance and Professional Development courses for different jurisdictions and industries)
- Course Builder

May, 2015
Jun, 2016

Trout Creative, Melbourne - Australia

Senior Backend Developer

Reporting to Project Manager and working with 8 Backend/Frontend developers for an exclusive/innovative and first Enterprise software development project conducted by the company.

Full SDLC Web Development
− Lead Web Developer to build an API in PHP and Synfony 2.
− Working close with the Frontend development using BackboneJS and ReactJs.
− Development of APIs integrating Website and Web Systems.
− Implementation of Test Development Driven environment covering 90% of the API.

Software Engineer / Systems Analysis
− Implementation and support of Symfony Architecture, modules and Bundles.
− Design and Implementation of software engineering and development best practices over the entire SDLC.
− Coordinated and support analysis and gathered requirements and business processes, converting it to systems architecture and features for the main project on the company.
− Implementation and support of AWS Architecture and Cloud Formation.
− Implementation of Continuous Integration using Bamboo working flow.

Jan, 2015
May, 2015

Dando Digital Agancy, Melbourne - Australia

Senior Web Developer | Lead Back-End Developer | Software Engineer

- Lead Back-End Web Developer on large scales projects using XML, HTML, HTML5, CSS, Jquery, JSON, JavaScript, Ajax, Elastic search, PHP 5+ 100% Object Oriented, REST architecture and RESTFul Web Services and mobile applications.
- Full SDLC database design, development and administration.
- Full SDLC for nationwide web systems in many different sectors
- Conduct System Analysis, Software Engineering / Architecture, Technical documentation specifications.
- Conduct Business Process Analysis and provide smart solutions for clients.

Nov, 2009
Dec, 2014

United Nation - International Labour Organization (ILO), East Timor

MIS & Systems Expert

Coordinated analysis and gathered requirements and business process converting it to systems architecture and features for 3 different government ministries. The result achieved included successful software developed with minimal re-coding, time saved without double work and clear understanding between the IT team and Stakeholders.

Managed simultaneous projects of software engineering, development and the entire lifecycle. Using web technologies such as: XML, HTML, CSS, Jquery, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP 5 + Zend Framework and Web Services. Also specific desktop software developed using MS to attend a mandatory regulation from the government. All systems have more than 50 users simultaneously, around 50,000 clients registered each year, approximately 4,000 national companies registered and more than 5,000 training managed under the systems.

Managed multiple relational databases, such as MSSQL Server 2008 and MySql Serve. Around 250 tables, 50GB of data and 5M records approximately for each database. Excellent results achieved with routines of disaster recovery reducing the down time to 24 hours on the Service Level Agreement’s documents.

Supervised 10 multicultural staff locally and other 12 working remotely, performing activities as ICT supervisors and ICT technicians installing and maintaining heterogeneous IT environment Unix/Linux and windows 2008 Server and it network infrastructure. Countable results with 250 end users, fully managed under Active Directory/LDAP, Domain controllers, DHCP Servers, VPN’s, Internet Proxy, Firewall, Routing and Email Servers.

Implemented ITIL Standards, best practices and the process of Services Management in one government ministry. Establishment of a catalogue of services and Service desk providing first level support for more than 250 end users. Nearly of 400 ICT assets easily traceable and mapped. Measurable services for ICT workers, relevant decrease of loss of equipment and more than 60% of efficiency in ICT budget and strategy plans.

During 6 years, conducted capacity building and management of all ICT staff within the governmental partners. International standards, policies of governance and management of information technology and also software engineering and development are subjects discussed and delivered daily. The government ministries included: Ministry of Economy and Development, Ministry of Employment and The Secretariat of State for Support of the Private Sector.

Nov, 2008
Nov, 2009

United Nation Development Programme (UNDP), East Timor

ICT Specialist – Web Developer

Coordinated analysis and gathered functional/non functional requirements and business process converting into systems architecture and features for 15 different Portals website and large case management software used for 4 organisms into the Ministry of Justice reaching approximately 80 users. Also capacity building in Open source systems, reducing by 35% the money used with software licensing.

Managed 5 Code Programmers locally and another 10 remotely, in a simultaneous project of software engineering and development. 15 websites were delivered and maintained. A system of call centre control and complain registration was developed, and a system of cases and processes management was developed and deployed for the Courts, Court of Appeal and Prosecutors’ Offices.

Managed a range of databases using MySql Server and PostgreSQL. Designed UML modelling and full software documentation. As result, the ICT/Software department had developed and documented 80% of their documentation following standards of development.

Developed multiple web software, using technologies such as: XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP5+, Drupal, World Press and Web Services. Providing numbers nearly of 95% of the cases registered on the country under the software. Disseminated 100% of country’s law within the website portals in 3 different languages (English, Portuguese and Tetun). As a result enhancing the transparency of the Justice System in East Timor by increasing public access to laws.

Conducted assessment for implementation of ITIL standards, best practices and process. Achieved complete understanding and application of ICT services in place, services delivered, increased by more than 50% the usage of the budget and clear mapping for future plans.

Sep, 2007
Nov, 2008

University of Goias - Medical School Hospital, Brazil

Analyst of Systems – Web Developer

Performed analysis and gathered functional/non functional requirements and business process converting into systems architecture and features for 3 different systems and departments. These included Pharmacy, Hospital stock and materials and electronic medical records. The result achieved was successful software developed with a minimal re-coding, time saved without double work and clear understanding between the IT team and sponsors.

As a member of simultaneous projects of software engineering and development, used web technologies such as: XML, HTML, CSS, Jquery, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP 5 + Zend Framework and Web Services. These systems were built to attend mandatory regulations from the Brazilian government. All systems had more than 150 users simultaneously; around 150,000 materials registered each year, approximately 4,000 managed and alive registered and more than 5,000 patients' diagnoses and prescriptions controlled under the systems.

Administrated multiple relational databases, using MySql Server and mainly Oracle 11g; Around 700GB of data and 50M records approximately for each database using Oracle and up to 8M transactions on the MySql databases.

Apr, 2004
Aug, 2007

TM Solutions – Caixa Economica Federal (Largest financial bank in Brazil)

Analyst of Support

Conducted second and third level of analysis, support and remotely maintenance on Desktops and Servers operational systems Microsoft family in data’s bank office servers, MSSQL 2000 Servers and Storage servers for over 500 branches, more than 10,000 end users and up to 15 states in Brazil. Main achievement with automated scripts of monitoring, deploys, setups and etc, for which I was promoted.

As a member of the first team dedicated to perform tests and technical assistances for around 15 different software of banking control/automation, government incentives and loan/credit systems. Managed more than USD$20 million in contracts recorded on the systems and thousands of bank transactions daily in banking automation including Internet bank using MS ASP and JAVA technologies.

As the first team focal point on the project of migration for virtual architecture using VMWare VSphere applied for approximately 500 branches containing in a total of more than 1100 physical servers. Reducing by 40% the costs of hardware and eliminating the cost of first, second and third level of support services in more than 52%, meaning real savings for the Brazilian government. Real decrease of down time at remotely branches for less than 8 hours, compared with the local infrastructure that was up to 72 hours.

Feb, 2002
Oct, 2003

Brasil Telecom, Brazil

Supervisor Technical of networks

As a member of the field’s team of technical support, maintenance and implementation of network and data transmission, Broadband connections, VPN and Frame relay. Attending over than 15,000 clients in the enterprise category following Service level Agreements (SLA’s), with maximum of 72 of down time in technical problems on equipment such as routers, fiber optical connector networks, hubs and switches.

Supervised 30 (Interns and junior technical) staff.


Part Time Jobs

Jan, 2014
May, 2014

World Bank, East Timor (Coordinated by Washington,D.C - USA)

Business Analyst

Conducted Business process’ analysis and adaptations for best results in terms of answers of internal activities for the Directorate of Business and Company Registration at Ministry of Finance in East Timor; as a result the full process of company registration was decreased to 1 work day (previously 5). This development also created measurable, countable and effective staff performance evaluation internally within the Directorate. The main achievement is the Directorate received an award from the Council of Ministers of East Timor as the top 10 efficient government body in the country.

Coordinated analysis and gathered of approximately 300 functional/non functional requirements converting into systems architecture and features for the procurement process of a software to automate the processes of business and company registration. Studies for systems Integration with the tax authorities, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, border authorities and the Ministry of Economy. Techniques included brainstorms, interviews and observation of scenarios which were applied to develop the final deliverable documentation of Request of Proposal (RFP), Business Requirement and Statement of work (SOW).

April, 2013
June, 2013

Perth Web Designer, Australia

Web Developer

Developed with remote team a Scraper tool integrated with Google and Bing search API; using PHP 5.3, Zend Framework, twitter bootstrap, CSS 3.0 and MySql database; this small tool tracked words or sentences and ranked the websites resulted from the search under efficient ways and algorithms using concepts of threads with support of Zend multi-threading and CURL to distribute and balance of the proxies address used on the users' browser simulation for search the terms.

As member of this project I directly contributed to the growth of SEO strategy and secured additional incomes from 50+ new clients for the company and new incomes from old clients.

Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career


Master Business Administration in System Information

University ESAB, Brazil

A Full Time MBA study with more than 480 hours based under the subjects below:

- Principles of Information Systems - Mark Pass: 80

- Software Engineering - Mark Pass: 90

- Database - Mark Pass: Mark Pass: 100

- Project Management - Mark Pass: 100

- System Analysis Methodology - Mark Pass: 90

- Network Projects - Mark Pass: 100

- Network Safety - Mark Pass: 100

- Operational Systems - Mark Pass: 90

- Advanced Topics of Software Engineering - Mark Pass: 100

Dez, 2009

Master Business Administration in Management of Software

University Uni-Anhanguera, Brazil

- A Full Time MBA study with more than 360 hours based under the subjects below:

- Methodology of Scientific Work I

- Methodology of Scientific Work II

- Principles of Management, Organization and Methods

- Fundamentals of Strategic Management -

- Project Management Software

- Quality Management and Process

- Introduction to Software Process

- Business Requirements, System and Software

- Project Solutions and Software Architecture

- Evolution and Maintenance Management Software

Dez, 2007

Bachelor Degree of Computer Science

University Unip, Brazil

Five years of full time studies under Maths and computer subjects representing more than 3,500 hours of study classes.