ERA Project

ERA-Sys Web System

Project Title: ERA-Sys Software

Project Duration:

From February of 2012 until December of 2013

About the project:

The ERA-Sys is a contract management software and training management tool, that born through the needs for coverage of ERA project.

The € 10 million Enhancing Rural Access (ERA) funded by European Union under the 10th European Development Fund, is scheduled for implementation 2012-2015. The main trust of ERA is to improve the access of rural communities to services and to income opportunities through the rehabilitation and maintenance of rural roads. The ERA Project seeks to improve the access to rural areas through the rehabilitation and maintenance of around 150 km of priority rural roads in selected districts of Timor-Leste.

The International Labour Organization – ILO, has been identified as the implementing agency for ERA with Ministry of Economy and Development as the Government and Ministry of Infrastructure as the government counterpart institutions. ILO works with on Bosco Training Center for the technical component of the training and with IADE for the business development aspect of the training.

Project Technologies:

This system was Front-End designed and integrated with many plugins, such as:
- jQuery;
- jQuery UI;
- jQuery PrintElements;
- ScrollingCarousel;
- FancyBox;
- HighCharts;

For the Back-End development was used PHP 5.3 100% Object-Oriented Programing using the best practices of Software Engineering and implementing MVC as software architectural pattern. Specific for this application a home made framework was developed based on Zend Framework concepts. This software used MySql Server database.

Project deliverables:

ERA-Sys, was developed under functional modules and it integrates five (5) different departments with specific process and activities, these modules are:

Contract Management
- Contract Registration;
- Contract Search Engine;
- Contract financial management;
- Beneficiaries profile management;
- Beneficiaries payment management.

Training Management Tool
- Student Classes management;
- Student Classes Search Engine;
- Student Classes monitoring and evaluation;
- Training Participant profile;
- Training Participant management;
- Training Participant monitoring and evaluation ;

- Enterprise registration;
- Enterprise search engine;
- Enterprise track history.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) tool
- Snapshot record (Base-line and End-line);
- Snapshot electronic documents management;
- Snapshot progress management;
- Survey tool;
- Questionnaire management.

- Report Dashboard;
- Public report of ERA results ;
- Tool of Impact results and performance;
- Statistical and Analytical results and graphics;
- Result of all integrated modules.

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