IADE Project

ERP IADE Web System

Project Title: ERP IADE Software

Project Duration:

From February of 2011 until December of 2014

About the project:

This project is an Aid programme component under the Business Opportunities and Support Services (BOSS) Project which supports the Institute of Business Support (IADE) for the Secretary of State for Private Sector Support and Promotion in boosting local economic development in Timor-Leste (East Timor), enhancing government service delivery and creating quality employment in rural areas by expanding market access for micro and small enterprises (MSEs), strengthening local contractors and improving the provision of business development services. This programme was fully managed and implemented by the International Labour Organization – ILO.

The BOSS Project aims at ensuring nation-wide access to enhanced and innovative need and market oriented business development services through assisting IADE and its network of Business Development Centres (CDEs).

Based on assessments and deep analysis, IADE directorate board has defined to develop internally a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to reach efficient management, quality and impact results according their needs and specific requirements.

The ERP IADE has born from client server system named IADE-DataBase . The development of a new system began with a process of migration of data and design of a new data base modeling aligning the old data record and the new government parameters, milestones, goals and structures.

Project Technologies:

This system was Front-End designed based on Twitter bootstrap v3.2.0 with layout fully responsive. Integrated with many plugins, such as:
- jQuery UI;
- Chosen plugin for enhacing select inputs;
- Flot plugin charts;
- FullCalendar plugin for a full calendar;
- Elfinder for file manager;
- CLEditor plugin for rich text editor;
- Uniform for stying checkbox, radio button and file inputs;
- Colorbox plugin for gallery image viewer;
- Noty for advanced notifications;
- DataTable plugin for enhancing HTML tables;
- Raty for star rating;
- iPhone-style Checkboxes;
- Auto-Growing Textarea.

For the Back-End development was used PHP 5.3 and Zend framework 1.12. This software was 100% Object-Oriented Programing using the best practices of Software Engineering and implementing MVC as software architectural pattern. This application use PDO to connect MySql Server database.

Project deliverables:

ERP IADE (http://sdb.iade.gov.tl) was developed under functional modules and it integrates five (5) different departments with specific process and activities, these modules are:

IADE Client
- Client and services registration;
- Client profile and service background;
- Client Search engine;
- Client knowledge monitoring and follow-up;
- Client track history.

IADE Enterprises
- Enterprise registration;
- Enterprise search engine;
- Enterprise automated Export/Import for IADE website (Web Service);
- Enterprise track history.

IADE Training & Counseling
- Training & counseling registration;
- Training & counseling management and control;
- Training & counseling search engine;
- Training & counseling participants info, profile and performance;
- Training & counseling monitoring, evaluation and follow-up;

IADE Business Matchmake - BMK
- BMK Case Management;
- BMK Case search engine;
- BMK partner identification and control;
- BMK event management;
- BMK meetings management;
- BMK results monitoring and evaluation;
- BMK audit track history.

IADE Tender Distribution System – TIS
- Tender Registration;
- Tender search engine;
- Tender automated Export/Import for IADE website (Web Service);
- Tender distribution via SMS and Email.
- Tender follow-up

IADE Reports (http://sdb.iade.gov.tl/report)
- Report Dashboard;
- Public report of IADE results ;
- Tool of Impact results and performance;
- Statistical and Analytical results and graphics;
- Result of all integrated modules.